First Professional Business Association in Serbia

Serbia Does Apples, Serbia’s first professional apple business association was founded in November 2018 by nine large-scale apple-growing companies: Agroprom com, Agrounija, Aldahra Rudnap, Atos Fructum, Ćirić Agro MĐŽ, Green Energy Group, PIK Južni Banat, Pollino Agrar and Verda Vivo.

Serbia Does Apples member-companies have a modern production with 4,000 apple trees per hectare, equipped with irrigation, fertigation, anti-hail and anti-frost systems. Modern production is followed with ULO and DCA cooler storages and covered with quality standards certification.

Apples are carefully stored at ULO-DCA cold-storage with the growing and production process, being covered by the highest quality standards.

Mission of the Association is to promote Serbian apple industry to international markets, consolidate overall offer of Serbian apples and to make possible joint entry of Serbian companies into new export markets.  The Association puts a lot of effort into the integration of small apple farmers into the supply chain and works on raising their productivity through education.