Naša jabuka – Naša Jabuka DOO

NAŠA JABUKA d.o.o. is a company founded in the fall of 2015. with the desire to be present in all markets
where there is interest in quality apples.

Naša Jabuka owns over 100 hectares of agricultural land, in the most beautiful part of the city of
Smederevo, in the village of Vodanj, only 5 km from the highway Belgrade – Nis.

We have made an apple plantation on an area of 50 hectares, according to the most modern and highest
standards. Intensive plantation, with complete infrastructure – anti-hail net, drip irrigation system, with over
200,000 apple seedlings, different varieties and clones: Gala, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and Red

We have also raised a blueberry plantation on an area of 3 ha, with over 12,000 blueberry seedlings of the
DUKE variety. Also in an intensive orchard, with a complete infrastructure – anti-hail net and drip irrigation

Preparations are underway for the start of construction of a modern ULO-DCA cold storage, with a
capacity of 3,000 tons, which will include a plant for the production of cold-pressed juices, which will be
made from 100% fresh fruit, without added water , additives and sugar.

Vodanj bb
11328 Vodanj, Smederevo

+381 63 37 17 37