Green Energy

The company is involved in production & trade of fruit and vegetables as well as in tourism. The Green Energy Group owns 50 ha of apple plantation. Beside our own apple production, company operate with additional 100 ha of apple production from its associates. Annual volume of apples is 3,000 t from own production plus 7,000 t from our associates. The company owns ULO and DCA cooler storage with capacity of 3 000 t, as well as modern equipment for calibration and packaging with capacity of 12 t/h. We implemented Global G.A.P. and HACCP quality standards and we started implementation of BRS standard. Green Energy Group is export oriented.

Main product are apples: Gala, Red and Golden Delicious, Fuji and Granny Smith.
Beside apple, company trades with other fruits and vegetables.

Markovacka bb,
11400 Mladenovac, Markovac,

+381 64 86 39 039