Agroprom Com is one of the largest producers and suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables in Serbia. We have more than 200 hectares of our own modern orchard with 85 ha of apples, 35 ha of sour cherries, 17 ha of sweet cheries, 15 ha of pears and 7 ha of plums. Beside our own production we have over 500 hectares with associates and in total we can offer more than 12 000 t of fruit (10.000 t of apples). Our coolhouse is equipped with storage capacity of 6.000 tons, advanced dynamic ULO system and modern grading and calibrating machines, along with our own production of wooden and carton boxes for packaging.

Agroprom Com is able to guarantee the quality and freshness of its products throughout the year. We supply many companies and retailers in Russian Federation and EU.

Gornji Tavankut 1084 a,
24214 Gornji Tavankut,

+381 24 47 66 730
+381 24 47 66 730